The choice of framework for high loaded information systems and web applications — Yii compare to other php frameworks
22.06.2016 156
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Why Yii? In 2012 we asked ourselves: how can we reduce the development time? At the same time have the ability to increase the functionality of our applications and web services, to facilitate code maintenance and team interaction, with clear and understandable architecture. We did not want to invent a new bike for several reasons: No free resources, developing of framework took a lot of time and money; The newly created architecture can be non-obvious to new developers ; For the same reason, need a long time to developer colleagues understand the principles of building applications and working with their framwork. As they say,...


Right way to make an offer for goods and services
21.04.2016 48
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In previous article we discussed how to make the visual part of the commercial offer. It was the turn of loading of the goods and services. But first you need to determine: what should be in a good offer on goods and services in addition to the design? 1. Benefit. Speak the language the consumer – not “we created” and “with you” Incorrectly: We offer audit campaign in Yandex. Direct that's Right: Thanks to our audit of the number of applications in your company will increase by 50% 2. Unique offer and limit. Will offer an individual price or...


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