Art Project has united a team of professionals for creating software products of a new generation

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About the company

«Art Project and Task-on make up a group of companies that develop and deploy information systems (IT) for business.

Art Project develops client interfaces for web applications and websites (front-end), selects advertising channels, analyzes behavioral activity of users, and implements tools for attracting a customer to the website and retaining him.
In partnership with Google, our specialists are trained and coached. We have an internal program of staff training and growth, we regularly cover interesting developments in trade publications and at conferences.

Task-on is a large team of developers and analysts engaged in creating sophisticated and secure software solutions (back-end).
The main tasks of the division include development and analysis of big data systems with the use of machine learning algorithms, neural networks and the basic functions of mathematical and statistical analysis, as well as development of their own Task-on engine.
Own data center allows to perform development on independent servers, and to significantly speed up implementation.

We are really good at solving unusual and complex problems. Refinement of the typical modules or CMS – is not for us. Our commitment is to push the boundaries of virtual constraints, to step into the era of intelligent machines at humans’ service.
We think and live in the future, combining in his projects, not only software solutions, but also offline controllers, trackers, sensors.

Departments of our company
Project Managers
Organize teamwork. Help developing a solution to the client's problem. Responsible for complying with deadlines and for interaction with the client.
Development Department
High-class developers who implement ideas into the program code, program and test functionality, analyze data, and make pages layouts.
Marketing Department
Elaborates and develops services with the needs of the users. Analyzed market data and develops steps for promotion. Fills special content.
Design Department
Here the most vivid and interesting images and elaborated interfaces are conceived. Digital design as an art.
Data Center
Specialists of the department monitor operability of servers and databases 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They ensure smooth operation of each of our products.
Sales Department
First class Sales Managers. They try to understand the customer's key needs, and to offer the required service. They are honest and never try to "flog" (impose) unnecessary options.
Support Service
These are the specialists that will help you in an emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are always polite, and clearly explain what should be done, how it should be done, and why.
Security Service
Cyber-criminals are always alert, and protecting customer data is our priority. The specialists of the department successfully fight against data theft, DDOS attacks, and other hacker threats.
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Отзыв компании Клаустрофобия

Наша компания занимается созданием квестов в реальности и на сегодняшний день мы занимаем лидирующие позиции на рынке среди наших конкурентов.

Когда мы поставили себе задачу оптимизировать рекламную кампанию в интернете, решение о подряде было принято в пользу компании «Арт Проект», и мы не ошиблись с выбором! Сотрудники компании оказались очень ответственными исполнителями.

Особенно впечатлил подход к работе - нам не просто настроили и запустили рекламу, а оказали помощь в решении реальных маркетинговых задач и разработке стратегии продвижения. На старте были составлены рекомендации по оптимизации посадочных страниц нашего сайта, которые были выполнены силами «Арт Проект» до запуска компании. Вся настройка рекламных площадок проходила в формате обучения. Практически все письма, полученные от сотрудников компании, были дополнены подробными изображениями и краткими инструкциями. А по завершению проекта, нам предоставили подробную проектную документацию, в которой до мелочей описаны все нюансы и тонкости настройки.

В дополнение нам подробно рассказали, как пользоваться отчетами Google Analytics и Яндекс Метрикой, чтобы мы смогли оперативно строить отчеты и отслеживать эффективности используемых каналов привлечения.

Мы остались очень довольны качеством работы команды «Арт Проект» и рекомендуем компанию как надежного и компетентного подрядчика в сфере веб-разработки и интернет-маркетинга.
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Independent ISO audit
An independent certification body has audited our company. After successful certification we were issued an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certificate.
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Our Partners
We are an authorized partner of Google Russia.
Our partner in domain registration since 2009.
Online chat for websites.
Specialized e-mailing service.