Idea. To create a system that distributes free lockers in a fitness club

02.03.2016 68
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If we were asked to formulate a philosophy our company in three words, it would be “make life better”...

Many of you lead an active lifestyle and frequent the gym, someone to buff, someone to swim, someone just to play tennis or run on the track.

Almost like a theatre, every trip to the fitness starts with the dressing. Have you noticed ever that happens, you come into the locker room, approaching his locker, and the next fat already dressed visitor, he already work out and knead the protein, spilling everywhere poignantly pahouse cocktail, and he may be naked, and let all see what he is, dad's a bum, mom's cute. Then he will spray your deodorant - is there anything wrong, smells good. Or it so happens that you and the next visitor to give two neighboring locker, and you interfere with each other, shy and throw sidelong glances, even though half the locker room free. Recognize the situation? Everyone's been there. And the girl giving the number plates at the entrance to the fitness too stupid to blame, how to track 1000-th lockers.

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