Multiplatform application for working with electronic catalogs for Schneider Electric



Develop an application that allows you to view e-catalogues on mobile platforms (Android, iOS) and Desktop platforms (Windows, OS X).

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Catalog view app


  • Mobile and desktop app (all platforms - iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X) to view the Schneider Electric catalogs;
  • Control panel of content management;
  • App features: viewing/saving directory, sending on e-mail, printing and adding to favorites.

Schneider Electric has more than 50,000 kinds of products. Information products are needed to many people - installers that are on the object, to sales consultant, designer at Bureau sitting in front of a large monitor. To facilitate access, we have developed a application with updated database of current catalogs Schneider Electric for all types of modern platforms like computers and smartphones/tablets.

Architecture of service

Each of the platforms has its own architect, as the application itself and the algorithm of query processing. This greatly complicates the development process, as each operating system has its own programming language and specificity.

To avoid conflicts, data exchange applications and Databases that store directories and information about our products, we decide to develop a special interface-the mediator API. Through it, client applications can access a single Database.

Architecture of app

API functionality includes development of special commands from client applications, which are processed and transmitted to the Database. This allows you to use commands on any modern platform.

API exchange

Apps developing

Develop prototypes of applications for platforms:

Apps for all platforms: PC, MacOS, iOS, Android

Updating and content administration

Developing Control panel, to make customer able to upload new or edit old catalogues.

Interface content updates in Control panel

In this system you can manage all added catalogues stored on the system.

Making an elaborate card to add new product catalogues. View as commented in all the fields, even a new user can easily understand how to add a directory.

Interface for aading catalog in control Panel
Catalog page

Smart search

The search takes into account all of the possible writing options search products given the peculiarities of the Russian language. For example, if a user searches for the catalog product "Easy nine", then it is enough to write "izi 9" .

Search example with hint

Single directory can contain useful information for different types of users. When, for example, installe will look for information on the cable channels and switches, the system will offer associated support directories.



To alert mobile users about important events or updates to directories, the mechanism for push-notifications.

Push-notification on iPhone

We have also set up automatic notifications when updating directories. Users are inundated with messages. Refuse to automatic notifications. Make a separate interface, where the push notifications are created manually.

Creating and managing push-notification
Connections logging

All users who have installed application is recorded in the system. This allows you to keep track of who updates the application, what operating system, and also helps to fix the incompatibility of the app with devices.


More features
App features
Professionals praised the app

The target audience of this application are professionals in the industry electrostreak (siloviki, designers and suppliers). Nice to get a high rating with the first version of the application.

More than 4000 installs with average rating 4.3.
Promoting the application among the partners

We done:
  • Promo-page (Landing Page with the conversion 13% LP);
  • E-mail newsletters;
  • Animated banners on pages;
Promo-page creating

To promote the application we developed promotion page. Retain specialists from the Marketing Department who are engaged in increase of conversion in our company.

Page design

The system determines what type of device the user is viewing the page and inserts a special link just for its platform.

Its own button for each platformE-mail newsletter

No templates! Only thoughtful and a letter for mailing. Adaptive layout for mobile devices.

Adaptive layout for mobile devices.

Promo letter will be sent by the partner network Schneider Electric.

See the result:

Parametr Value
The number of sent emails 3 601
Number of received (delivered) letters 3 270
The number of read emails 1 496
The number of transitions with the letters on the landing page 458
The number of downloads of the app 353

Target is - not visiting the site BUT the app installing! To avoid the SPAM, use a specialized service Unisender.


Analyst e-mail

According to the results of the calculated conversion rate of each stage and build a "sales funnel"

A sales funnel report in the newsletter
The calculation of the conversion What means
Cv open letters = 1496/3270*100=45,75% How attractive the title of the letter (does it interest)
Cv site visit = 458/1496*100=30,61% How well composed the letter and how it is interesting to the recipient
Cv downloads=352/1496=23,53 % There are a number of good trying to persuade people to download the application
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