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Taskon framework

Taskon is a framework for developing secure and high-load solutions assembled on the basis of Yii2 framework with application on NodeJS.

TaskOn - more than CMS

The main difference from the framework and CMS is, that CMS is a set of standard modules for content management. Typically, these modules are not designed for editing. As soon as any programme changes, the site or the app starts to break down, have plenty of bugs and "spike" solutions that lead the project to global changes of the core CMS code and confusion.

Especially for complex problems, we have taken the base of the popular Yii2 framework and according to its rules created Taskon, which includes a standard set of modules not tied to the kernel.
Using this solution, you can create projects of any complexity and not worry about the purity of the code.
In the Documentation section, we present the recommendations on the organization of your team and a description of the standard modules.

Why Yii2?

Really fast

The Yii2 framework loads only those features that you need. It has powerful caching support. This framework is specially designed to work efficiently with AJAX.


Built-in protection of Yii2 includes input validation, output filtering, SQL-injection and cross-site scripting countermeasures.


Due to embedded solutions (MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, I18N/L10N, caching, authentication, etc.) Yii2 allows you not only to quickly launch the app, but also to create clean code without repetitions and duplicates even during team development.

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