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Tool for accounting and
financial planning
operations in the company

A flexible system of accounting
and financial transactions control
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Key features

  • Financial accounting of the income and expenses of the organization;
  • Customizable interface for managers;
  • Create accounts with different access rights;
  • Catalog of typical product or services for detailed record keeping;
  • Synchronization with 1C and other ERP and CRM infrastructures;

On the basis of the control system Taskon we have developed a solution which allows you to keep records of financial activities of the organization. Due to its flexible settings you can divide the cash flows and generate reports of any complexity. Additionally, it is possible to receive and transmit data with 1C and other accounting systems. The system access control section of the system and Bank accounts makes it easy to implement into any business process.

Payment creation

1. Within the system you can create an unlimited number of companies to split financial flows


2. In the system it's possible to link payments with goods or services


3. For the separation of costs and income for financial flows when you create a transaction it is possible to define the purpose and type of payment. This functionality will simplify financial analysis


4. Create account and razgranicheniia access to them. Useful if you have multiple current accounts or different financial flows (for example, cashless payments and cash).


Detailed transactions report

You can present data in tables and in graphical

All payments are displayed in the summary table

Сreate your own catalog

For a detailed accounting of the financial transactions it is possible to create a full catalog of products or services. The directory can be synchronized with your web-site or ERP, CRM system,. If you keep the prices for the products, you can use this information when you create payment transactions.

1. Separate products into categories and sub-categories


2. Detailed setting values that are displayed in the report and are involved in the search


3. Drag-and-drop sorting of Categories and subcategories


All data is in secure

We've worked with security to have your information used in financing activities was under serious protection. To create a protected space had to organize not only the encryption of stored data, but also encryption of transmission channels.

Protection of stored data

The data in the accounting system of Finance are stored in encrypted form. Even if the database or hard drive system gets the attacker the ability to decrypt it without the keys would be impossible.

Protection of data transmission

When working with the program we use certified protocols forced encryption technology with SHA-256.

Acces via EDS

The flexible functionality of the system accounting allows you to organize access to the system using electronic digital signature. Additionally, digital signatures can be used to confirm payment in the system.